$80 a month gets you comprehensive primary care for adults and children including immunizations, office procedures, discounted medications/labs/imaging, same or next-day face-to-face appointments, and the peace of mind of having after-hours & weekend access to your own personal "concierge" physician.

$80?!  That's what some people spend on coffee, or a cell phone plan, or eating out every month.  

We don't cover hospital or emergency room visits, and advise keeping a catastrophic health insurance plan for those instances. But we firmly believe that good primary care and preventative medicine, and a partnership with a doctor who cares, keeps people out of the ER.  

For adults, initial wellness labs (cholesterol, diabetes, CBC, kidney/liver function tests, urinalysis, thyroid, etc) are included with your membership.  If additional lab tests or imaging (xray, MRI, etc) are needed, we're set up with local facilities that provide highly discounted and affordable prices.  We'll provide you with discounted prescriptions, and medical weight loss & lifestyle services come standard. And we offer so much more.  

We're trying to put the humanity back into medicine, and get away from the traditional fee-for-service transactional model that turns patients' illnesses into dollar signs.  That's why we charge all patients a flat fee of $80 a month, no matter your illness, so we can keep our doors open and still provide quality primary care services regardless of your health care needs. As a member of ABC Family Medicine, there are no deductibles or copayments. For once, you won't have to pull out your wallet when you visit us for your sore throat, flu, diabetes management, or weight loss follow-up. 

We sincerely want you to get better -- it's in our mutual best interests.  As a member of our clinic, you'll be directly responsible to your physician while your physician is directly responsible to you.

* If you have medical insurance, please call 702-614-2192 to confirm that we take your insurance.*

Services Provided