About Dr. Sirsy


Dr. Karim Sirsy is an osteopathic family physician raised in Henderson, Nevada. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. While applying for medical school, he realized that a physician should practice what he preaches and lost over 100 pounds by participating in triathlon races & martial arts while revamping his diet. He then went to Touro University in Henderson, Nevada for medical school and thereafter completed his residency and board certification in Family Medicine at Westchester General Hospital in Miami, Florida. Upon returning home to Henderson, he completed another board certification in Lifestyle Medicine because he believes strongly in the power of lifestyle changes; namely, in diet, exercise, sleep, spiritual upliftment, sociability, and stress reduction as critical and foundational components in the treatment of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and so much more.  Dr. Sirsy believes that healing comes from within: the body's complex self-regulating mechanism will heal itself given the proper care and removal of pathologic blockages. Traditional medicine and pharmaceutical therapies also play a role in his treatment philosophy as he believes that the most recent advances in medical care & technologies are essential once first-line lifestyle interventions are exhausted. He chooses a holistic approach to patient care: he considers the person first, before the disease. Dr. Sirsy considers good listening skills, manners, an earnest desire to relieve suffering, up-to-date medical knowledge and accessibility to be the most important characteristics of a good physician.  He advocates and fights hard for every patient in his care.